Saturday, November 12, 2011

''R-E-C-Y-C-L-E: Recycle!'' A guide to the symbols.

I do think that the old Nickelodeon cartoon Rocco's Modern Life taught me how to spell 2 words as a child: 1. Recycle and 2. Conserve.

(I used to be able to sing this whole song when I was about 10 - haha.)

It's kind of funny, though, that I learned those words as a child watching TV because they are such an important part of my life as an adult. Every week, the recycling bin that was given to us by the city is brimming on pick-up day. We have more in that bin than in the garbage! 

It's so easy to recycle, all you have to do is look on the container in question, and search for the little arrows in a triangular symbol (there's most likely a number within the arrows).

Here's a little field guide on what plastics are recyclable and what the container could be in its next life:

PET or PETE 1 

PVC 3 

 PP 5
PS 6 

So, in the future, when it seems convenient to just toss a used water bottle into the trash - think once more! It could have another life and be turned into something else - because YOU made it happen.
The little things you do in your lifetime make a huge difference for the future. As my mom and dad always told us when we were packing up our campsite, "Try to leave it cleaner than when you came to it".
You have the ability to NOT make this the future.


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