Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Dreaming Tree: Crush; Red wine north coast 2009

Name: Crush


Winery: The Dreaming Tree

Grape: Bottle did not specify, but we much suspect it's a blend

Year: 2009

Look: Dark purple middle with red rim

Smell: Upon uncorking, it has a strong alcohol front with lingering sweet strawberry notes. Faint bits of vanilla and oak.

Taste: Strong body with a consistent sweetness. Hint of tartness. Jammy after-taste. Light tannins. "Notes of smoky berry...pop of raspberry Jam"

Overall: High average-low good

Other notes: This is not a flashy wine, but it's good all the same. Easy drinking. The bottle is fun and filled with intricate details (e.g., Dave Matthews Band quotes wrap the cork and the neck of the bottle, the label looks rustic and appears if Dave Matthews sketched the Dreaming Tree himself)



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