Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wild Blue Lager

Wild Blue Lager

Wild Blue Lager

8% ABV

Brewed and bottled by Blue Dawg Brewing, Baldwinsville, NY

Look: Dark purple-blue body with a cranberry rim. An abundance of visible of tiny bubble carbonation.

Taste: Very sweet, syrupy, and actually tastes closer to grape pop than beer. A tinge of artificial sugar/flavor over-powers any "natural flavor". It finishes with a syrupy feel and overall is not entirely pleasant.

Other notes: I was drawn to this beer because it boasted being made from "all natural ingredients", its flavor was blueberry (I'm somewhat a fan of fruit lambic beers), and its ABV was 8%. I've had some good fruity beers and I was hopeful on this one. I bought it room temperature and let it chill in the fridge for about 24 hours.
After first taste, the distinct artificial blueberry flavor reminded me of the syrup sno-cones are made of. The carbonation bubbles were so tiny and delicate, it felt more like pop than beer.
Overall, I don't think I'll be drinking this again...but that's just me. If you enjoy a drinking a beverage that tastes like an adult version of grape soda, then, this is for you - however, immediately after I tried this, I cleansed my palate and moved on to a hearty Innus and Gunn oak-aged original :)


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