Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Oh the weather outside"

Who knows the quote? It's from one of the movies that always makes me really laugh out loud.
 Highly recommended.

Anyway, the weather this past weekend was HORRIBLE for any living creature 'round these neck of the woods; Read: Lake effect rain storms.
You know what makes a rainy weekend even worse? Camping in rainy weekend weather. Yup. We booked a cabin in Letchworth State Park waaay back in the summer, hoping to enjoy the fall leaves and some of that Indian summer I mentioned. Well, we spent a total of 4 hours outside in the 3 days we were there. Oh well, make the best of the situation, right?
 We went into town both nights to watch the Buffalo Sabres and have a couple brews :)
But, in the time we did get to enjoy the park, we took some photos, did a little hiking, and enjoyed the fresh air. Here are a few of my best shots:
Did you get out to see some foliage? What's your go-to rainy day activity?


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