Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hockey and apples and beer (oh my!)

Saturday's Pucktoberfest was a great time (and not just because the Sabres beat the Kings 4-2). It was kind of surreal watching the game on the jumbotron and cheering on the players with an empty ice rink below. Nonetheless, it was a good way to get together with other fans and show the boys some support while they played overseas.      


Today, we went apple picking at Becker Farms. It was my and Jon's very first time picking apples. It was about 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. The smell of dough was wafting out of the farm's bakery, there were plenty of pumpkins scattered about, and screaming children everywhere...haha, no it wasn't bad at all.

My little sister and her boyfriend came with us.
We bought our bags and took a short tractor ride to the orchards to pick. There were rows and rows of trees with different kinds of apples. I was set on getting golden delicious and crispen, but also mosied on over to the red delicious. We had a blast - there may even have been a fallen apple war...those suckers hurt when chucked.
Even some of the fallen apples were in prime condition.
This bird had the right idea. Who wouldn't love a home that constantly smelled of fresh apples and afternoon sunshine?
I find U-picks to be such a humbling experience. For me, it really amplifies the idea of the natural food chain and how we once were as humans - we thought and prepared for planting, we worked and cared for crops, we harvested and preserved for the future. People were always thinking one step ahead. I have such a respect for farmers as they carry on this tradition.

All in all, the 4 of us brought home 5 overflowing bags of apples...
...and a growler of Becker Farm's own brewed Octoberfest.

So, what should I make with all these apples? What's your favorite recipe with apples?


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