Thursday, April 19, 2012

Staying Above Water

The name of the game these past couple weeks has been: Just keep your head above the water.
Life has been a busy flurry of work, training, work-work-work, training, work, little bit of play. So, although I'd love to come here and share with you all the goodies I've been making, baking, and eating, I'm sad to say there just hasn't been too much of that lately. There's just no time (insert The Guess Who's "No Time" lyrics here.)

I haven't completely given up on my hobbies and daydreams, though. This past weekend, I bought a Wilton Decorating Basics course kit.

I'm really excited to break this baby open and play with frosting.

I've also been creeping a new blog that's all about cookie decorating and it's only fueling my desire to bake and create.

I also bought a new pair of running shoes! Woohoo!

They're Ascis GEL-1170. They were rated very well in Runner's World magazine as being "a great choice for long training runs and marathons." Perfect.

I needed a new pair so badly. I've been running in trail shoes (yes, I know, I know), and the arches of my feet are really beginning to pay for it. Sometimes during the day, after I complete a long run, the muscle in the inside arch of my feet will seize up and it hurts so, so badly I have to stop what I'm doing and try to massage it out.

Good news, however, is that my last longest run (this past Sunday) was 9.5 miles! I'm doing a really good job of staying on schedule and pushing myself to complete my goals. This weekend I was scheduled to run 10 miles, but I'm going to a concert on Saturday night.To make up for it, I think I might do 5 miles tomorrow and then 5 miles Saturday morning.

I hope these new shoes will help and I can break them in before the 1/2 Marathon at the end of May.

But, that's about all the excitement in my world at the moment. I'm currently working on a homemade peanut butter frozen yogurt recipe, so once I think I have it down, believe me, I will share. But, in the meantime, I promise I'll try to be better at posting  :)


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