Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get sweaty . . . you'll be glad you did!

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While studies show that morning workouts are more effective in burning calories and speeding up the metabolism, they are some of the hardest to get motivated for.
It's 6:30 a.m., you just had a cup of coffee, and it'd be so easy to just sit at the computer and go through your blog roll. . . but, there's a yoga mat, stability ball, and a set of weights calling you from the back room and you know it's going to feel so much better after you've worked up a sweat and done something with your morning.

This is basically what runs through my mind when I'm set to do a morning workout (instead of an evening one). It's dark outside, I'm so cozy in my pajamas, and another cup of coffee would be great. But, I know it'll be worth it to get off my butt and move. Usually, if I'm not running that day, I'll do a core/weight workout at home in the morning.

It's easy to fall into a routine of the same leg, arm, and core moves, but after a while, the same moves over and over get super boring and do nothing for your body (as it gets used to the movements and it not challenged).

Lately, I've been paroozing FitSugar for some workout inspiration . . .here's what I did this morning:
The video below (X2)

And then this to finish:

By the end, I was a wonderful sweaty mess.

I find that no matter how much I don't feel like working out beforehand, after I actually do, I'm so, so glad I did. I'm more alert, energetic, and I sleep better that night.

Give these a try and see how you feel!


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