Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Moment In Time

Photography has always been an interest of mine, and although I've never taken a class, read a book on it, or learned anything technical about a camera, I've managed to teach myself a thing or two about getting a half way decent shot.

While I take pictures from time to time for fun, I find the act of viewing an object in multiple ways to extract the best shot an almost laborious effort. The angles are endless; capturing texture, color, and light have to be done precisely to ensure the photo has depth and evokes a feeling from the viewer.

I'm sure with some education on the subject, I'd learn how to overcome simple, beginner photo-taking mistakes...but until I get some extra money and time, I'll play with the set settings on my little point and shoot and hope for the best.

I've learned about texture:
You can use a macro setting to capture the finest of details.

I've learned about light:
It's really tough to work with a simultaneous dark and light. 
These pictures were taken from the same spot in some underground caverns.

This photo is nothing to write home about. It's out of focus and the colors are very bland.

This photo is taken from the same spot using a different setting. While it's still not that great of a shot, there's more definition of objects, deeper shadows, and an overall spookier feel.

A little more time down in the caverns proved to buff me up on lighting
And then shooting outside:

I learned about angling:

And just recently, a little with filters!

I made this...

...into this!

While I get lucky with a good shot once in a while, there is so, so much more to learn.

The inspiration from the world around us is endless, and it's wonderful to be able to capture a moment in time from your perspective and then have that moment forever.

What do you struggle at in photography? What do you excel at? Do you have a favorite subject to photograph?


  1. I would say that I struggle the most with dark/light but I'm fantastic at angling for most of the time. ^^ I really only photograph my food but sometimes I photograph some crafts that I make.

    1. Photographing food is very challenging - especially with the light/dark aspects; I totally understand what you mean. But angling is fun to experiment can almost never go wrong!